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Art and Culture

Art and Culture

Are you planning to visit United States of America? It will help you if you have an idea regarding the arts and culture of one of the most sought after travel destination in all over world. Headquartered in Washington D.C., USA is bordered by Mexico, Canada, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. USA is also referred to as US, United States or simply America.

Go through the following lines to gather knowledge about the arts and culture in the United States of America.

Education in USA comprises of formal education, adult education and alternative education. There is also scope of special education for those who require special learning needs. There are primarily 4 stages in a mainstream education, namely, nursery education, primary education, secondary education and higher education. Child education is compulsory in USA.


Most of the people in US are Christians that constitutes about 76% of the country’s population. However, there are also people belonging to Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam along with some other religions. Non-Christians constitute about 4% of the American adult population.


There is wide variety of architectural styles in USA as it has been inspired by a number of external forces. Europeans brought with them colonial architectural traditions, which are evident in some of the popular architectural splendors of USA. Apart from this, Spanish influence is also noteworthy. It can be said that skyscrapers are one of the notable attractions of USA that reflects modern architectural style.


Music is an important aspect of a country’s arts and culture. US music is dominated by asymmetric rhythms, use of syncopation, long and irregular melodies that reflect the wide open American landscape. It can be said that US is a reflection of the multi-ethnic population and it is characterized by jazz, techno, pop, rock and roll, hip hop, country and blues.


Dance in US is characterized by the famous rock and roll, hip hop, folk dance along with the modern dancing styles. Some of the American dance forms have been greatly inspired from Africa. American modern dance is one of the most famous dance forms in the present times and it was mostly developed in the early 20th Century. It is characterized by freedom of expression as the dancers express deep emotions and feelings through this dance form.


American literature can be dated back to colonial literature when literary works were mostly pamphlets. Topics of American literature were mostly dominated by religious disputes. Poetical works mostly existed among the Native American societies and it was more of an oral tradition than a written one.


US cinema, popularly referred to as Hollywood cinema, is popular worldwide. American cinema can be chronologically classified into silent film era, classical Hollywood cinema, new Hollywood cinema and the contemporary period that started in the 1980s. It requires a mention that the American film industry has become the most popular in all over world since 1920s.


Sports are an important aspect of the US culture and American sporting culture is quite different from other parts of the world. The people in US usually prefer a unique set of sports activities. The famous sports in this part of the world are baseball, soccer, basketball, American football and ice hockey. Amongst these, baseball is one of the major oldest team sports of USA.

Traditions are an important part of the culture of any community. USA also has its own culture and traditions. Americans are polite, cheerful and try to keep pace with time. They try to follow the rules and smoking is forbidden in the public areas in all parts of USA. It is also a part of the US arts and culture to wait in queues in the shops and the public places to get in. If you’re planning to visit USA, remember that usually no bargaining takes place unless there’s an exception to the rule.

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