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What Are The Most Popular Bikes And Cars Of 2009?

What Are The Most Popular Bikes And Cars Of 2009?

What do you look for while choosing a new car or a bike? Do you judge a car by its functions or you also give preference to its look? Apart from being quite a necessary item, bikes are cars have become style statements in modern times. Each car or bike is different in its look, accessibility and functionality. Read this article to know about some popular bikes and cars of 2009 those have been able to live up to the expectations of the consumers.

Popular cars of 2009:

A car’s popularity is determined by 3 points – (1) how well it performs its intended functions (2) how do you feel while driving it, and (3) how competitive is its price.

Some of the most popular cars of 2009 are listed below.

1. 2009 Chevrolet Corvette: It has become an American icon due to its unique mix of speed and style. Interior and engine upgrades have made this car a popular choice for sports persons. Moreover, the cost is comparatively more affordable than other sports cars.

2. 2009 BMW 3-series: Over the years, BMW 3 series has been a benchmark in the luxury car market. The new edition has offered a wonderful blend of restrained luxury, just-right size, top-notch build quality, handling balance along with a plenty of other features.

3. 2009 Mazda MX-5 Miata: It has secured its position as one of the most comfortable as well as affordable sports cars in present times. The 2009 make offers a complete exterior face lift, new wheel designs, upgraded gearbox along with several interior improvements.

4. 2009 Volkswagen GTI: The new model is available in 2-door or 4-door with an extensive list of standard equipments, such as, blue-tinted glass, halogen fog lamps, high-intensity gas-discharge headlamps along with a carpeted and covered cargo area.

Popular bikes of 2009:

A wide array of choice is available to you when you shop for your 2-wheeler. Some of the most stylish bikes of 2009 are listed below. It will help you to make your choice if you’re planning to buy a new one.

1. Suzuki G-Strider: It made its first appearance during 2003 Tokyo Motor show. This bike is a perfect example of a half scooter and half cruiser motorcycle as it resembles both.

2. Yamaha Tesseract: It was unveiled at the Yamaha 2008 Tokyo Auto Show. It has an electric motor along with a V-Twin engine of undisclosed size.

3. I. Care: It is perhaps the best example of modern day technology mixed with speed and design. It is visualized and designed by Enzyme Design, a French-based company. It has a 6-cylinder 1.8 Honda engine.

4. Peraves Mono tracer: It is a fully enclosed motorbike with a sporty appearance. An attractive version of the Swiss-made Eco-mobile, this bike has an aerodynamic appearance with low fuel consumption technology.

While buying a new car or a bike, it is advisable that you take a test drive, which will help you to choose your new riding companion.

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