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Higher Education: Something You Should Know About

Higher Education: Something You Should Know About

Higher education denotes a level of education that is offered by universities, community colleges, vocational universities, institutes of technology, liberal arts colleges and other collegiate level institutions like trade schools, vocational schools and career colleges that confer professional certifications, academic degrees or diplomas.

Higher education is also termed as tertiary education, post-secondary education and third level or third-stage education. It is the discretionary level of education after the finishing of a school offering a secondary education, for example, a secondary school, high school or gymnasium.

Usually, higher education is assumed to include undergraduate and postgraduate education and vocational education and training, as well. Higher education is principally provided by the colleges and universities. It involves pedagogy, research and social work or social service performed by universities.

In the United States, higher education particularly denotes post-secondary institutions that provide baccalaureate degrees or bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, PhD degrees or equivalents and master’s degrees.

Types of Higher Education

Higher education can be broadly categorized into the following types:

1) General

General higher education and training that is offered by colleges or universities is normally based on theories. This is quite the opposite of vocational higher education and training that normally focuses on both applied theory and practice.

2) Performing Arts

The performing arts are distinct from the visual arts or plastic arts to the extent that in performing arts, the face, body and presence of the artist or performer are used as a medium. Higher educational institutions that provide performing arts education include the following:

Dance school

Circus schools

Drama school

College or university school of music

Music education

3) Liberal Arts

The liberal arts include the following academic domains:





Great Books Program

Religious studies


4) Plastic or Visual Arts

The plastic arts or visual arts are a type of art forms that involve the application of materials (paint, metal or clay) that can be shaped or transformed by some techniques for making an artwork, frequently in three dimensions. Examples of plastic art and visual art are drawing, sculpture and painting.

Higher educational institutions that provide plastic or visual arts education are the following:

Art schools

Film school

Architecture schools

5) Vocational

Higher vocational education and training is offered at the non-university tertiary level. Vocational education is based on both applied theory and practice. A vocational university awards professional degrees, such as Professional Master’s Degree, Professional Bachelor’s Degree and Professional Doctorates in a wide range of disciplines. These universities provide education on applied arts and applied science. Vocational educational institutions are more informally termed as trade schools.

6) Professional

Professional higher education is offered by the following educational institutions:

Dental school

Business school

Law school

Journalism school

Medical school

Library school

Veterinary school

Public policy school

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