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Four Types And Stages In Education

Four Types And Stages In Education

Education system has come a long way since its origin. Present day education is much more structured in comparison to yesteryears, when there was no such concept of a formal education system. Education can be defined as the knowledge of putting one’s potential into maximum use. It helps a person to make the right decision in the sphere of life.

Four Types of education:

Usually, there are 3 types of education system as discussed in the following lines.

1. Formal education: Formal education can be defined as a hierarchically structured and chronologically graded education system. It comprises of primary education, higher education and full time professional training. This education system is referred to as mainstream or traditional education.

2. Adult education: As the name suggests, adult education refers to a practice of educating adults. There are different forms of adult education, namely, formal class based learning, e-learning and self-directed learning. There are also some career specific courses that adults can learn. Some of the common career specific courses are real estate license, medical billing, bookkeeping, etc. Most of these courses are available online.

3. Alternative education: This type of education is actually an alternative approach to traditional or mainstream education. This educational alternative is often rooted in several philosophies that are quite different from that of mainstream education.

4. Special education: There are some students who require special learning needs, which are addressed through special education. According to IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), a child is first identified as one who requires special education support; then, the child is evaluated and on its basis, his/her eligibility is determined. Finally, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is written and the plan is carried out effectively.

Four Stages in formal or mainstream education:

There are primarily 4 stages in a formal or mainstream education. The stages are given below.

1. Nursery education: Often referred to as preschool education, nursery education is the basic stage of formal teaching. It comprises of nursery school and kindergarten, which serves as a transition from home to the beginning of formal education. With the help of social interaction and creative play, children (between 3-5 years of age) are taught how to develop basic skills.

2. Primary education: Elementary or primary education refers to a first few years of structured, formal education. Usually, it consists of 6-8 years of schooling that usually starts from the age of 5 or 6. However, the basic age of primary education slightly varies from one country to another. Most of the countries have made it compulsory for students to receive primary education. Apart from basic literacy, the main aim of primary education is to establish foundations in a variety of subjects, such as, mathematics, science and social sciences.

3. Secondary education: It is the final stage of school education that is offered during a child’s adolescence. This stage is characterized by transition from a comprehensive primary education to an optional and selective form of training. In this stage, a child develops in depth knowledge on specialized subjects.

4. Higher education: Tertiary or higher education is a non-compulsory educational level, which comprises of undergraduate and post graduate education along with vocational education and training. Usually, a person needs to admit in a college or a university to receive higher education. It is the most specialized form of an educational system.

It is advisable that you complete higher education. On completion of the course/courses, you’ll receive academic degrees, diplomas or certificates that will help you to get a better job, which in turn, will help you to build a solid financial footing for yourself.

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