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Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

A Shopping mall is a building containing retail units encouraging customers to stroll from one unit to another. These malls have developed since 1920 with the rise in income of the people and the urge to lead a better life style. They are known by different names in different places. For example in USA they are called Strip Malls while in UK they are identified either as retail parks or shopping precincts. In other parts of the world we know them by Shopping Centre. However the phrase Shopping Mall is being increasingly used these days by the younger generation. Iguatemi São Paulo in Brazil, Bornova Open-Air Shopping Center in Turkey, Tehran’s Grand Bazaar in Iran, Oxford Covered Market in England, The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Italy, GUM in Russia are some of the few old and well known shopping centers around the globe. Local and super-regional malls are also included in the mall category as part of large structures which comprises of residential and office space, amusement park and so on. This trend is noticed in various places because of the scarcity of space that we find these days. We can classify malls as Regional, Super-Regional, Outlet.

Regional Malls – A regional mall is planned to cater to a bigger audience offering ample collection of stores. It generally measures around 40,000 square feet to 80,000 square feet and they have a tendency to keep high-end stores which helps them in earning profit. They have also become a place of tourist attraction during vacations.

Super-Regional Malls – These malls serves to be the main shopping spot and they usually measures above 800,000 square feet.

Outlet Malls – In these malls, the manufacturer openly sell their goods to the general public from their stores.

So in the end we can say that shopping mall is a place where people come to fulfill their needs and spend some good time with friends or relatives as it offers everything to people having the means to purchase them.

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