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Since time immemorial, sports have played the role of an arena where one can learn and practice cultural values. Whether it’s a football field, a tennis lawn or a basketball court, the virtues of discipline, commitment, fair play, team work, excellence, hard work, loyalty, and aesthetics find new dimensions. Whether played simply as a leisure activity or to win medals, sport has an immense effect in shaping an individual’s values. It’s not just about winning or losing at the end of the game: it’s about comprehending the values, ethics, moral rules, principles and norms. Put simply, a sport is a blend of fun and fairness. So, lets sneak a peep into the values that make sports an integral part of every society, race and culture.

Equality in sports: Equality in sports is not necessarily about treating every individual in a same way: it’s about fairness, justice, respect and above all welcoming people irrespective of their race, gender, faith and religion, age or social and economic background.

Discipline in sports: Whether you are into tennis, rugby or any other kind of sport, discipline is the pivotal point. It decides whether you lose or win a game: it’s that vital. It is the driving force behind every player that helps them in staying positive and focused in a highly charged atmosphere. Discipline is not merely a list of do’s and don’ts but it is a set of rules that help the players learn to set their own goals and strive for them.

Healthy competition in sports: Competition makes sports exciting. The very thought of winning gives every player an adrenaline rush but competition is not only about winning. If we take a deeper look, it is channeling our positive energy.

Perseverance in sports: We are all aware of the story of the hare and the tortoise that ran a race. Hare, as we all know, is a speedy animal whereas tortoise is characterized by its very slow movements. The hare knew that he would win so he was in a relaxed mood where as the tortoise never stopped running and he won. It was the perseverance of the tortoise that helped him win. In the midst of hard times, it is the perseverance that helps the players and the teams in reaching their goals.

At a time when the world of sports is perturbed by racism, drug abuse, drunken brawls and violence, the core values shared on this page will help the players come to grips of the realities of their lives.

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