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Technologies & Gadgets

Technologies & Gadgets

Technology and gadgets are the wonders of Science. Basically, technology is a process, with which human beings create artifacts. To create these artifacts, the greatest aid of man, is Science. So, we may say science has helped man to develop technology over time. And technology has helped in the creation of better artifact .One such artifact worth mentioning can be the manufacture of gadgets.

Gadgets are small objects, which performs a function. Gadgets are smarter inventions of technology.Some important form of gadgets can be calculators, games, sticky notes, and many more. The gadgets are also referred to as Gizmos.

Gadgets can be classified as

1.Mechanical gadgets:

These are the gadgets which run under the mechanical technology. Products like, clocks, bicycles, thermometers and others are some popular mechanical gadgets.

2.Electronic gadgets:Things like transistors, integrated circuits, transistor radio, television, cell phones and watches are the most useful gadgets that run under the application of electronics technology.

3.Programmable gadgets:

The latest, invented gadgets are the programmable gadgets. These are mainly based on a microprocessor. Such gadgets have software embedded in it, which controls their functions. They may be used anywhere, in a car or at home as well. Laptop, palmtop and mobile phones are some unique creations of programmable gadgets.

4.Application gadgets:

Now, life without a computer is impossible. And the computer programs now, provide service to create application gadgets. Such gadgets are formatted on the basis of an existing software development technique. There are huge software development techniques like, Java Script, php programming, and others. In this context you may refer to Google Gadgets, Microsoft Gadgets, Apple Widgets.

These gadgets connect to web services for several reasons, they help to deliver business data, avail weather information, get news updates, as well as view slide shows of online photo albums.

The latest windows version, i.e. the Windows Vista, comes with some essential set of gadgets. The Vista version helps you in easy download of gadgets.

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