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iPhone – The Mobile Revolution

iPhone – The Mobile Revolution

Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone has revolutionized the way people make use of their mobile phones. It has been accepted well with users also. A feature which makes the iPhone different from the rest is the integration of email functionality and core Internet web.

iPhone is stunningly beautiful. The features that have been widely appreciated by the users include “usable remote” email access and the web client. However, there are certain features which have to be improved. These include the following-

    * Voice dialing
    * Bluetooth enhancements
    * To-do task list
    * Custom ringtones
    * Working headphone jack

These may be referred to as missing features. In spite of the missing features, the iPhone is a favorite for all age groups. Some figures indicating success of iPhone

It is believed that Apple is planning to capture 1% of the mobile phone market globally. It is also planning to sell approximately 10 million iPhones by December 2008. Depending on whether the 4GB models or 8GB models are sold, it is estimated that Apple may make $4 billion to $5 billion in revenues. This could help in the growth of Apple’s revenue by 17% to 19%. iPhone’s technological stunts

iPhone has created a revolution as far as personal computing and technology is concerned. The user interface is remarkable and such significant changes in user interface have not taken place since 1984. You can flip through the emails as well as music collections as though you are handling physical objects. Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone Advantages

    * Remarkable web browsing features
    * Design is elegant
    * Photo quality is good
    * Readability is provided by high resolution display
    * Excel, Word, MP3, PDF and picture attachments are supported by Email.
    * User interface is remarkable
    * Service plans are reasonable and cost effective


    * It is feared that there are many iPod accessories that will fail to work with the iPhone.
    * Absence of Bluetooth stereo music
    * As mentioned above in the missing features, the headphone jack is not compatible with the standard plugs
    * There is no Flash support
    * There is limited video support

Even though there are certain disadvantages, it has not stopped people from harboring the desire to own one.

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